Online Dutch Yacht Registration Services. Register your yacht, jet ski, boat, or other watercraft in Holland View our video

  • One of our most popular options
  • Register now, pay later
  • No need to pay yacht tax
  • No ship inspection required
  • Completed within 3 to 5 days
  • Available for EU and non EU citizens

  • Ultra-fast one day turnaround
  • Register now, pay when ready
  • All-inclusive radio license packet completion
  • Appropriate for radar, VHF, AIS, and EPIRB
  • License comes with AIS, MMSI number, and an individual call sign

  • Available worldwide
  • All-inclusive registration
  • Comes with an international radio license with an AIS & MMSI number
  • A Dutch certificate of nationality will be provided
  • Microdots protect the boat from theft
  1. Registration fee: €350

    We are upfront about the registration fee for your yacht, so there will be no unexpected costs. You can complete your Dutch yacht registry for the low fee of €350, which includes registration documentation, a Dutch residency address, required taxes, guidance, and related costs.

  2. No EU passport required

    Even those who live outside the EU can complete Dutch yacht registration. Non-Dutch applicants will receive a Dutch domicile address as a part of the process for no extra costs involved. This means it’s not necessary to be a citizen of Holland to register your yacht under the Dutch flag.

  3. Ultra-quick turnaround time

    We know how valuable your time is, so we offer an ultra-quick turnaround time for your Dutch yacht registration. The process will be completed within 3 to 5 business days. We offer our services globally and can send the registration documents directly to your home or work address.

  4. Yacht inspection is not required

    We can start with your Dutch yacht registration right away without the need to inspect your boat, yacht or watercraft. Also, there are limited specifications for the required equipment for your watercraft.

  5. Accepted in all EU countries

    The Dutch yacht registration – EU Light will give you peace of mind as you travel in all EU harbors. Your registration documentation will be recognized in all European Union countries, and if you choose the ‘light registration,’ you are free to travel outside of the European Union as well.

  6. No stressful paperwork

    We make completing your Dutch yacht registry as stress-free as possible. You only need to supply proof of ownership of your yacht like a bill of sale or sales contract and a copy of your passport. That’s all we need to get the process started.

  7. Online Dutch yacht registration

    Dutch yacht registration is one way to protect your yacht investment. After you purchase your boat, the next step is to register it online under the Dutch flag. This will mean that all of Holland’s laws can be applied to your yacht. We make this process easy by walking you through step by step. Once you pay the registration fee, you will benefit greatly and have peace of mind as you sail in EU harbors.

  8. How the registration process works

    In this digital age, Dutch yacht registration has become a seamless process that can be completed entirely online in just a few simple steps. Just ensure that you have your yacht documents like your bill of sale available while you complete the registration form on the website. Once you receive your registration documents, you will be able to sail freely without being limited to a specific region. If you complete the simple online registration, you be confident that you are operating within the confines of the Dutch law, which will make for a more carefree sailing experience.

  9. Worry-free Dutch yacht registration

    There are multiple benefits to registering your yacht online under the Dutch flag. One of the primary benefits is that it will assure the yacht’s owners that they are operating lawfully. It will also increase the value of the yacht. The online process makes it easy to complete the registration at a convenient time from the comfort of your home. There’s no need to rush or to waste your precious time standing in endless lines. We will make it easy for you to register your yacht in Holland so that you can relax and enjoy a worry-free sailing experience.

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9 April 2019