About us

We are a leader in the Dutch yacht registration market. In our company history, we have assisted thousands of boat owners successfully complete the registration process in order to legally sail under the Dutch flag.

Dutch yacht registration

What are the benefits of registering your yacht in the Netherlands?

  • More affordable fees: the costs of yacht registration is less expensive in the Netherlands compared to other EU countries
  • Stress-free paperwork: there is minimal required paperwork, and we will handle it for you.
  • Limited bureaucracy: the Netherlands is one of the least bureaucratic nations in the EU, so we can complete the process quicker
  • Less strict legislation: Dutch legislation is much more flexible than other EU countries
  • Enjoy open sailing with unlimited access to European harbors

Advantages of Dutch yacht registration

  • Our fees are much lower than our competitors in the industry.
  • We work with all yacht owners whether they have a European passport or not.
  • We offer the highest level of service and are always available to our clients.
  • The registration process typically only takes 3 to 5 days.
Dutch Yacht Registration
26 June 2018