Frequently asked questions

Can I have Dutch yacht registration even if I’m not a citizen of the European Union?

Yes, you can. n this case we will supply you with an English limited company (Ltd), which will be listed as the owner of the yacht on official documents. You will still have full control of the yacht, but you won’t have to give up 50% ownership to an EU citizen for Dutch registration.

Will the English limited company you create be under my ownership?

Yes, the way we set it up gives you 100% ownership of the shares of the company, and you are also the acting director who will have full control.

Does the English limited company need to have an actual office for tax reasons?

No, since it is created as a ‘dormant’ limited company, it does not need a tax number or bank account.

If a yacht is not completely done being built, will it still be able to be registered under the Dutch flag?

Yes, it can be registered in the Netherlands if the engine/motor (including electric motor) has installed and/or if there is an HIN code or manufacturing number on the hull.

What if I build my yacht myself? Is it still eligible for Dutch yacht registration?

Yes, we can handle the registration process for you after you send us a copy of your passport or ID as well as the insurance policy and proof of payment for insurance.

What are the benefits of having the Dutch flag on my yacht?

The Dutch flag holds a place of respect worldwide, and Dutch registration is considered the best in the European Union. Sailing under the Dutch flag will bring a number of benefits, including the ability to minimize issues and delays with international authorities and harbors in a number of countries. Although the Dutch flag is highly respected, Dutch yacht registration costs less than registration in other countries with less respected reputations.

What happens if my yacht gets stolen? Will the registration documents help?

Absolutely. Registering your yacht with the Dutch Ministry of Transport (and the Dutch land registry if you select the worldwide registration option) will substantially increase the possibility that the authorities will be able to identify your yacht. The worldwide registration package also includes the addition security measure of microdots.

What do microdots do?

Microdots are an advanced security measure that is primarily used to identify your yacht in the case that it is stolen. These thousands of dots are invisibly placed on the yacht and can only be detected by the appropriate authorities. Using microdots may also qualify you for a discount on your insurance premium.

Will my Dutch yacht registration help me avoid specific organizations or authorities?

Yes, you can temporarily or permanently grant ownership to another company or individual, and we can complete the registration under the name of the alternative owner. If you would rather keep the ownership under your own name, your yacht will not be traceable in local databases.

How are your prices so much lower than your competitors?

The high volume of registrations we complete every year allows us to offer lower prices across the board.

Does Dutch land registry come with Light EU registration?

No, EU light registration only involves being registered with the Dutch Ministry of Transport. If you would like Dutch land registry as well, you will need to look into or comprehensive worldwide registration.

Is the worldwide registration really valid throughout the world?

Yes, the comprehensive worldwide registration package includes an international tonnage certificate and is recognized by all countries worldwide.

If I complete Dutch yacht registration, will a Dutch harbor be listed as my home port on the certificate?

Yes, your home port will be listed as Amsterdam.

If I want to complete Dutch yacht registration, do I have to be domiciled in Holland?

Yes, domicile is required, but you can receive a Dutch address when you register without additional charge. It’s important to realize that while other Dutch companies may provide Dutch registration, they often do not provide the required Dutch address. Any registration without domicile will be deemed both invalid and illegal. Without the domicile, you could get into trouble with harbor authorities, and you may not be able to purchase insurance. It is critically important to confirm that the domicile is included in the registration document and that the document is properly signed by the entity providing the domicile.

If I want to insure my yacht, will it first need to be registered?

Yes, registration is typically required by the majority of insurers in the European Union.

Will I have to deal with a lot of bureaucracy if I want to register in the Netherlands?

Actually, the Netherlands have the least bureaucracy complications of any country in Europe. This means the registration process is seamless and straightforward. Sailboats and motor boats also operate under relatively few rules in the Netherlands.

If I choose the light registration package, will my freedom of sailing be limited?

No, there are no limitations associated with the light registration. You are allowed to travel as many miles as you want beyond the Dutch coast. Your CE class sets your distance from shore.

What documents are required for Dutch yacht registration?

Dutch yacht registry requires proof of ownership such as a bill of sale or an insurance policy with a proof of payment. You will also need valid ID.

What specific types of watercraft can be registered with the light registration?

All types of watercraft are eligible for light registration, including motorboats, yachts, sailboats, canoes, rowboats, and jet skis.

Why is it required for me to sign an authorization form?

The authorization form is required in order for the registration to be completed in your name. It is particularly important for yacht owners who aren’t Dutch citizens.

Is it possible to complete Dutch yacht registration for a company-owned yacht?

Yes, you can register a yacht owned by any company located in the European Union.

Can commercial watercraft be registered under the light registration option as well?

Unfortunately, no. Light registration is only available for pleasure yachts and watercraft. Commercial and charter boats must be registered through the worldwide registration package. We cannot offer registration for manned commercial watercraft.

Do I need to display my registration number on my yacht?

No, it’s not necessary to display your registration number on your Dutch-registered yacht.

Does my home port need to be displayed on my yacht?

It’s recommended but not required.

Will I be able to adjust the info on the registration form after registration is complete?

You can make changes, but you will need to pay a €150 excl. VAT fee for us to edit an existing registration.

Will I be able to cancel my yacht’s registration before it expires?

If you would like to cancel your yacht’s registration before it expires, you will need to pay us a €150 fee for this service.

How long are yachts allowed to be registered under light registration?

There is no maximum cutoff date for a yacht to be registered under light registration.

What is required for me to be able to legally sail my yacht under the Dutch flag?

The equipment that is required in order to sail under the Dutch flag includes:

  • One life jacket for each individual on board
  • Distress signals and flares
  • A lifebuoy with a light
  • Magnetic compass
  • Navigation lights
  • Anchor
  • Hammer
  • Horn
  • Manual depth gauge
  • Boat hook
  • Bilge pump or bailer
  • An appropriate number of oars
  • A minimum of 20 meters of rope
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Battery powered torch that’s also waterproof
  • First-aid kit
  • Complete sail kit for sailboats
Dutch Yacht Registration
7 June 2018